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    Reboot Resources
    09.12.21 | Resources

    The impact the pandemic has made on our faith reveals that in order for it to flourish and not just sputter, we need a complete reboot. In this series, we take big steps to re-engage and draw closer to God and discover keys that anyone can...

      You Know What They Say Resources
      08.22.21 | Resources

      We’ve all heard the expressions, “You know what they say... everything happens for a reason” or “You know what they say…. God won’t give you more than you can handle.” No one knows who they are, but they...

        At the Movies 2021 Resources
        07.11.21 | Resources

        At The Movies is our popular summer series that takes some of your favorite films and illustrates the larger truths behind them.Due to copyright laws, we can't re-broadcast them online, but be sure to join us for this guest favorite next time we...

          The Blessed Life
          06.13.21 | Resources

          Culture is full of ideas, influencers, and suggestions on what it means to be blessed. But why are so many people who seem “blessed” living in absolute emptiness? God has a different way to look at blessings and He wants to show us...

            Love Where You Live
            05.23.21 | Resources

            What would it look like if, after a year of being distanced from our communities, we treated the summer as a chance to intentionally connect with our neighbors? In this two-week series, Love Where You Live, we show you how to do exactly that in...

              04.04.21 | Resources

              There's a powerful force that lives inside you - the same one that raised Jesus from the dead. In this series, we dig deeper into the life of Jesus to discover not only how to access this same power, but also how to live an empowered...

                02.21.21 | Resources

                No matter the sport, there’s always an athlete that’s considered the GOAT - the greatest of all time. Psalm 23 is one of the greatest chapters in the whole Bible, and you’ve likely heard it in lots of places without even...

                  Let's Talk About It Resources
                  01.10.21 | Resources

                  Depression, addiction, anger, loneliness. We look at and talk about it all in this series.  Watch the series on YouTube here.  DAILY READINGS Let’s Talk About It Daily DevotionsThe church is filled with people who are working...

                    It's All Good
                    12.08.20 | Resources

                    Think about the message of Christmas and Christianity. It’s hopeful and inspiring, and around Christmastime, a lot of people wonder if it’s all true. However, a growing number of people are now asking the question, “Is it...