As Christians, we believe we are all made in God's image. Because we are called to love one another, we cannot stand aside when we see injustice. While education is a big part of how we can learn to work together to create a world where no one is mistreated because of their race, our hope is that the ongoing list of resources below will allow God to open your heart and change the hearts of others. We hope that by equipping you to have your own real and personal conversations, you will see the world from another perspective and love others as God loves you.  



Listen to Understand: A Conversation on Addressing Race Relations
"Why is this such a difficult conversation to have?"  So begins the impactful conversation that happened this week between Mark and two Milwaukee pastors - and friends of The Ridge - Kurt Owens and Ken Lock. Listen in as these three men discuss how the church can and should lead the way when it comes to improving race relations and building meaningful connections between people of different backgrounds in Milwaukee and beyond. 

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Race Relations in Milwaukee | Mark's Conversation with Brian and Joelynett McKee
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Racial Division: 3 Ways You Can Help End It 

Live Big 2018: Serve | A Conversation with Bishop Walter Harvey about Race Relations in Milwaukee 

It's Complicated: Why Can't You Be Normal Like Me?

This Human Race | Northpoint Community Church
This Human Race | Discussion Guide
Perhaps nothing characterized the life of Jesus more than his pursuit of people whose lives and lifestyles did not look like his. If we fail to listen to people who don't experience the world the way we do, we will never bear their burden.

Christine Cain on Compassion and Justice
Christine Caine talks passionately on the relationship the Church ought to have with compassion and justice. 

What is justice and who gets to define it? Explore the biblical theme of justice and discover how it's deeply rooted in the storyline of the Bible that leads to Jesus.


Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America (Book)

Black and White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time (Book)

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Book)

The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation (Book)


Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality (Family Article)
"As parents, we need to check in with our children to discover what they already know, what they’ve seen/heard and what they think about it all. If necessary, we need to be willing to do the work of deconstructing and reconstructing."

What Does the Bible Say About Compassion?
Another's suffering becomes your suffering. True compassion changes the way we live. The Bible is saturated with compassion, yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.

The Cost of Compassion
Compassion costs us something. It not only requires action, but it also pays a price and sacrifices something.


Loving Others with Compassion (5 Days) 
Compassion is a powerful word. It goes deeper than showing sympathy for a person's pain. Compassion drives you to action. Each of these five devotionals contains a short audio message (1-2 minutes). The guests share about hearing from God, encouraging others, loving unconditionally, and proper boundaries. By the end of the five days, you should have a stronger sense of how to love with compassion.

Attributes of Compassion (7 Days)
 Hunger, hope, grace, kindness, love, security and faith—they are all attributes of compassionate hearts. In this plan, well-known bloggers share how they were impacted by these attributes of compassion while traveling into areas of poverty.

Jesus, Compassion, and Justice (14 Days)
In this 14-day Bible plan, you’ll be shown a side of Jesus that we have often been scared to embrace, the Jesus who sends tables and chairs crashing over because he is gripped by a passion to interrupt injustice. The Jesus who parties late at night with the wrong crowd because he is so radically welcoming of those at the bottom of the heap. This is the Jesus who loves justice and compassion. 


Racial Injustice: What to Do and Discuss

How to Have Group Conversations about Race