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About Ridge Groups

Ridge Groups are small gatherings of people who meet once a week, either in homes, online, or at The Ridge. The groups typically talk about life, messages we hear on Sundays, or a variety of topics relating to faith. There are four types of groups at The Ridge, each one designed to help you connect with others.

Community Groups

In a community group, you'll find encouragement to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. These groups are geographically based, tailored to fit the stage of life you're in right now, and helpful in providing a place to live out the truths you discover in the Bible.

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Short-Term Groups

 In a short-term group, you'll discover new information on a specific subject for life application over a specific period of time. Short-Term Groups:

  • Let you learn more about how to apply our weekend messages to your life while building friendships OR to discover new information on a specific topic or life application.
  • Lead members toward a long-term connection in community.
  • Are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Short-term groups at The Ridge include:
Rooted | Alpha

Care Groups

Care groups are specialty groups that meet based on a specific season of life*. Whether you're looking for community after a divorce or the loss of a loved one, looking to take control of your finances, or need support to face a hang-up, care groups can be a great support during life's tougher seasons.

Care groups at The Ridge include:
Life Recovery | Grief Share | DivorceCare | Rock Solid Finance

*If you're in need of counseling or emergency pastoral care, let us know here.

Online Groups

Can't make it to a physical campus? Don't let that stop you from growing in your faith journey! The Ridge offers short-term groups that meet online to help people connect wherever they're at. Use the "Find a Group" button at the top of this page to select one that's a fit for you!

If you have questions about groups, let us know.