Easter in Ridge Kids

You’re going to “BUG OUT” over Easter in Ridge Kids. Get your hands dirty as you shrink down to explore a world that is bigger than you. Capture your adventure in our larger-than-life photo booth and join in on the fun to win some epic prizes.

Ridge Kids is our programming for kids ages birth - 5th grade. Pre-register your family before service for secure check-in here.

Ridge Kids is our programming for children ages birth through 5th grade. We utilize a no-cost, learning-based curriculum that teaches kids about Jesus in a safe and fun environment. We use stories, music, arts and crafts and videos to keep things fast-paced and fun.

All of our team members are background checked and all children go through a secure check-in and checkout procedure. We practice inclusion when possible and offer accommodations for our friends who have special needs. We’d love to answer any questions you may have and to give you a tour of our Ridge Kids space!

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