Next Steps

When you decide to follow Jesus, you start a journey that leads to becoming someone who loves, looks, and lives like Him. Does that seem overwhelming? It doesn't have to be. It happens one step at a time. Check out the stages that you may be at below and then tap on the options that will help you take your next step.

I'm New to The Ridge and Want to Connect. How Do I Do That?

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1. Let's Connect! (Subscribe to Our Email List)

When you connect with The Ridge, you'll get hopeful and helpful content to guide you as you continue taking steps in your personal faith journey, keep up with everything that's happening at The Ridge, learn about new ways to connect with others, and more! We'll never spam your inbox, so let's connect here. >> 

2. Get The Ridge App

Engage with faith content wherever you are! Find resources, read The Bible, give, view current and past messages, and more. Get the app here >>

3. Join a Ridge Group and/or Start Serving on a Team

Community keeps us grounded in our faith and encourages us to take steps

4. Check out Ridge Kids or Ridge Students

Your family is a big deal to us, so we've designed some amazing environments for every age and phase of life--from birth through high school and beyond!


I'm Not Sure What I Believe. Why Should I Follow Jesus?

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1. Check Out Alpha

Alpha is a 7-week series of group conversations that explore life, spirituality, and faith. We create a non-judgmental and open environment where it’s easy for anyone to discuss faith with new friends. If you are new to faith, returning to faith, established in faith, or still exploring faith, Alpha creates a conversation you can be a part of. Join the next session here >> 

2. Introduction to Faith

3. Introduction to Jesus

4. Why Should I Follow Jesus?

5. How to Make a Decision to Follow Jesus

I've Decided to Follow Jesus. What Now?

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1. Check Out Rooted

Rooted is a short-term group that will help you connect with God, the church, the community, and your purpose in life-changing ways. The Rooted experience redefines how people live life and view their relationship with God and others. Rooted is an interactive experience. It includes weekly readings, journaling, prayer, and discussion. Join the next session here >>

2. Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where exactly our abilities are best used--let alone identify what they are! The best way to figure this out is by taking a spiritual gifts assessment. Afterwards, you'll be prompted to some areas where your gifts will most likely have the greatest impact, but feel free to check out other areas that interest you! Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment >>

3. Go Public with Your Faith (Baptism)

If you made the decision to follow Jesus at any point in your life and have not yet been baptized, this is your next step. Baptism is a public expression of faith. Baptism does not make you a follower of Jesus. It is simply an obedient expression of your faith and commitment to Christ. Get baptized now >>

4. Why and How to Pray

5. Why and How to Start Reading The Bible


I Want to Grow Closer to Jesus

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1. Join a Ridge Group

Ridge Groups are small gatherings of people who meet once a week, either in homes, online, or at The Ridge. The groups typically talk about life, messages we hear on Sundays, or a variety of topics relating to faith. With short-term, long-term, topical, and online options for all stages of life, joining a Ridge Group will help you connect with others and strengthen your faith. Learn more and join a group >>

2. Getting More Out of The Bible (How to Apply and Obey It)

3. Getting More Out of Your Prayer Life

4. The Difference the Holy Spirit Makes (Who the Holy Spirit Is, etc.)


5. Stewardship & Generosity

There is a principle found throughout Scripture that is commonly referred to as Stewardship. The best way to define this principle is believing the truth that God owns everything and he entrusts us to manage what he gives us.. When we use what He gives us in a way that honors God, our relationship with Him grows stronger and we get to experience the blessed life that he desires for us. In these 4 videos from a series called “The Blessed Life” learn about why this is important to God, how stewardship principles lead to a blessed life, and what steps you can take to experience it.

Video #1 | What Does It Mean to Be Blessed?


Video #2 | What Do I Need to Prioritize to Get the Most Out of Life?

Video #3 | When Is It Ok to Test God?

Video #4 | Do You Have Money? Or Does Money Have You?


The Ridge Community Church is supported entirely by the generous giving of our friends and regular attenders. When you give, you're helping bring the hope of Jesus into every home and leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Even more so, being good stewards with what God has blessed us with is a cornerstone of faith. While it can be hard to give a portion of this blessing back to God (called a tithe), He will always honor your faithful giving. Learn more here >>


I Want to Make a Difference In Others

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1. Identifying & Investing in Your One

Your One is someone in your life who is far from God--a person whom you're praying for and seeking to share Jesus with them. As a follower of Jesus, He has called us to go and make disciples of all people through everyday evangelism. Who is Your One and where do you start beginning to invest time into your relationship with them? Find Out Here >>

2. Serve on a Team

We believe God wires everyone differently. No mattter what gifts He's given you, you can use them to have an impact on what God is doing here at The Ridge. The local church moves forward when you step forward and start serving on a team. We'll help you identify your gifts and abilities and help connect you with a team. Get Started Here >>

3. Serve Local and Global Communities

God’s heart is overflowing with compassion for all people, and we see that through Jesus’ time here on earth as He loved in relational and practical ways. Because of His example, we are called to serve others with compassion both here in Milwaukee and around the world. The Ridge's Compassion team always has new ways to serve our communities alongside our vetted parters. Learn more and start serving >> 

4. Explore Leadership at The Ridge

Leadership is a high calling. At The Ridge, we make leadership development a priority because leading leaders well is crucial to achieve our vision of bringing the hope of Jesus into more homes. Learn more and explore leadership >>