Canceling Jesus

    02.21.24 | Resources

    Cancel culture is a phenomenon that has taken society by storm. People are being canceled for statements and actions deemed unacceptable in society. What happens when we disagree on teaching from the greatest influencer of all time? Can we cancel Jesus? Have you already canceled Jesus without even knowing it? Find out. Starting February 22 & 25, we will answer those questions.

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    Week 1 "What Did Jesus Say About Enemies?"

    Reading Plans

    Love Your Enemies (5 Days) It is one of the toughest commandments we encounter in Scripture -- Jesus’ exhortation in Luke 6:27 to “Love your enemies.” In this five-part devotional, we’ll examine the ways Jesus wants and equips us to achieve that seemingly impossible task.


    Why Does Jesus Tell Us to Love Our Enemies?


    Week 2 "Did Jesus Really Say That About Money?"

    Reading Plans

     8 Ways to Love God More Than Money (3 Days) Most of us desire to love God more than money, but we can struggle to live that out in our daily life. Over the next few days, let’s explore practical ways to grow in our love for God while also decreasing the hold that money and material things have on us.


    What Does God Want From Me?

    3 Ways to Be a Generous Person (With or Without Money)


    Week 3 - "Why Did Jesus Use Such An Extreme Example?"

    Counseling Resources

    List of Counseling Resources

    Helpful Websites

    XXXchurch - " realizes that porn and sex addiction are serious issues and people need genuine support and practical guidance rather than empty platitudes. We use the web, social media and news to tell a story often left untold."

    Faithful & True - "Whether you're struggling with pornography, sex addiction, or grappling with the pain of betrayal trauma...we're here for you."

    Live Free Community - "A safe community for men seeking freedom from porn and lust"

    Covenant Eyes - A monitoring and accountability app.

    Common Sense Media - Resource for reviewing content in media such as Movies, TV, Books, etc.


    Why Porn Can Be Difficult to Quit

    How Porn Can Hurt a Consumer's Partner

    How Porn Can Change The Brain


    Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most by Craig Groeschel

    Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker

    Every Young Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker

    Every Woman’s Battle by Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn

    Podcasts & Videos

    Fight by Craig Groeschel

    Let's Talk About Porn with Chris Mckenna

    For Parents/Students

    How to Talk to Your High School Student About Sexual Integrity - Conversation Guide

    How to Talk to Your Middle School Student About Sexual Integrity - Conversation Guide

    Protect Young Eyes

    Book Suggestions for Kids 12 and Under

    How to Talk to a 5 Year Old About Porn

    Bark - Parental Controls


    Week 4 "What Did Jesus Pray For?"

    Reading Plans

    Cultivating Unity (5 Days) Unity has the ability to transform both personal relationships and the body of Christ. This reading plan explores the 4 attributes in Ephesians 4 that lead to unity and how you can cultivate each, leading to transformational growth in your life and in the church.


    What Does the Bible Say about Division?


    Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart by Christina Cleveland