Talking About the Tough Topics

Faith, sex, technology, bullying: these are all topics that can be difficult to talk about. We have several age-appropriate conversation guides that will set you up to have an honest conversation about these tough topics with your child. Read more below.

Media Conversation Guide

Bullying Conversation Guide 

Mental Health Resource List for Parents of Kids and Teens

How to Help Your Kids' & Students' Mental Health | Digital Event with Will Hutcherson

Following Jesus
Start Here - An Interactive Video & Tools on How to Begin Conversations About Following Jesus
How to Talk about Salvation with Your Kids Conversation Guide

Faith Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School | High School

Crisis Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School | High School

Anxiety Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School | High School

Health Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School | High School
Technology Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School | High School

Money Talk Family Activity Kit
Preschool | Elementary Middle & High School

Sexual Integrity Conversation Guides
Preschool | Elementary | Middle School High School

Parent Cue Podcast: Helping Your Kids Grow Up With Sexual Integrity




Your family is a big deal to us. So we've designed some amazing environments for every age and phase -- from birth through high school and beyond.

We want you to relax knowing each of The Ridge's kid and student environments are clean, safe, and secure. Inside each area you will find incredible volunteers who get to know your kid or student on a personal level. By building a relationship with them, kids and students will develop their own faith in Jesus.

Did you know that you, as a parent, are the single greatest influence in your child's life? That's why we not only value kids and students, we value you. The goal of Ridge Families is to partner with you as a parent, to help you be the best influence possible on your child. The way we do this is by providing you several tools to help you get the most out of your parenting journey. We call these tools MAP IT. Continue reading to find out how your family can get the most out of these tools.

Questions? Email us

Meeting People

We have some amazing people at The Ridge we think you would love for your kids and students to meet. These are our dedicated Small Group Leaders. Each Small Group Leader has committed to serve consistently so that they can help your child discover a faith of their own by caring for them and the other kids in their small group. Our Small Group Leaders are trained and have gone through background checks and interviews.

Attending Weekly Gatherings

Each week we create incredible environments that is designed to help kids or students take their next step with Jesus. At each gathering our kids and students experience a dynamic large group that is fun and engaging, which is followed up with our small groups where students can be encouraged to take steps to follow Jesus by their small group leader.

Prioritizing the Everyday Moments

There are everyday moments that is ideal for families to connect with God and with each other. These moments typically revolve around meal times, drive times, and bed times. Download the Parent Cue App for tips and content on how to get the most out of this time. *Note: Be sure to connect to The Ridge Community Church while you set up the Parent Cue App for the first time.

Identifying Unique Phases

Most families agree that the way we talk with our middle schooler will be different than our toddler. Use the “Phase Summaries” available at our Family Resource Center to help identify how to get the most out of this unique phase your child is in. To get even more out of the phase that your child is in, CLICK HERE to purchase a “Phase Guide.”

Additional Resources

Check out these links for some of our other favorite resources for families.


Parent’s Guide to the Phases

What to Do When You Discover What You Weren’t Expecting

Resources to Connect with God as a Family (Family Devotions)
Preschool | Elementary | Students

How to Connect with Your Child’s Small Group Leader

Cell Phone Agreement
Parent Note | Sample Agreement

Parent Cue Podcast

Recommended Parenting Books
Parenting Beyond Your CapacityDon’t Miss It | 12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid | It Starts at Home