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Should I Join A Small Group? | Interview with Mike & Ashley

by John Larsen on September 28, 2021

One of the things that we believe in really strongly at The Ridge is having faith-building friends in your life.  We believe it so strongly because we have seen the impact that it is has made in people’s lives. Mike and Ashley Vander Molen are a couple who joined a Ridge Group and made those faith-building friends. They shared with me their hesitations joining a group, the difference it has made in their lives, and their advice if you are considering joining a small group.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the conversation. 

If you are trying to get connected at a church, joining a small group helps you get connected. If you are trying to  decide on a small group to join then consider the type of small group that is going to fit you well. I love the idea of connecting with the leader of the group and figuring things out like childcare, topics discussed, and stage of life. If you are in or leading a small group then creating a trusted atmosphere where people can share true questions is incredibly valuable. Another key element is forming connections outside of the small group meeting time. 

Get more information and sign-up for a group here.