03.01.20 | Resources


    Praying into Easter (40 Days)
    Join us for our Praying into Easter devotional and prayer guide. This devotional and prayer guide will follow along with key lessons from the Signs series leading into events of Jesus’ life into Easter.

    To get daily reminder prompts, text “PRAYER” to (414)509-0339 (Don’t worry, we’ll never spam you, and we’ll purge this list after the devotional content is complete.

    The Book of John | The 7 "Signs" and The 7 "I AM's" of Jesus (7 Days) 
    In this Seven Day plan we will study the 7 “Signs” of Jesus, and the 7 “I AM" statements of Jesus, to demonstrate that John structured his book in a way that helps the reader see that Jesus fulfills the ministry of Elisha.

    Who Is Jesus for You? (8 Days)
    Jesus, the most important person who has ever walked on the Earth. He proclaimed himself in many different ways, letting us know his character, his nature, and his purpose. The Apostle John, who was very close to him, registered in his gospel some amazing truths regarding our Savior. Let us study some of them together.


    Book of John Overview (Video)
    Watch the Bible Project’s overview video on the Book of John, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. 

    Who Is Jesus (Video)
    Jesus . . . the Messiah . . . the Christ . . . the Son of God. We've all heard of him, but who exactly is this guy? What makes him such a big deal? From the annihilation of cultural barriers and the acceptance of outcasts to a message of restoration and love for the broken, Jesus—a friend of sinners—was definitely a radical social revolutionary. But what else? Is there more? Who is Jesus? 

    Signs of John Overview (Article)
    What are the Signs of John? Why were they recorded in the Book of John?

    What Is Faith? (Article)
    Faith is an integral part of the Christian life. But what is faith?

    Who Is Jesus (Article)
    Jesus was a first century carpenter. What made him so influential 2,000 years later? 


    Who Is This Man? The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus
    By John Ortberg
    Jesus' impact on our world is highly unlikely, widely inescapable, largely unknown, and decidedly double-edged. It is unlikely in light of the severe limitations of his earthly life; it is inescapable because of the range of impact; it is unknown because history doesn't connect dots; and it is doubled-edged because his followers have wreaked so much havoc, often in his name.

    Jesus Is: Find a New Way to Be Human
    By Judah Smith
    Jesus is ____. How would you finish that sentence? The subject is there, and so is the verb, but what comes next? Your answer could shed light on the path to becoming who you were made to be.