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Helping Kids and Students Have Better Mental Health (Part 1) | Interview with a Counselor

by John Larsen on August 31, 2021

Lisa Zwagerman (MS,LPC) is a professional counselor and therapist that helps kids, students, and adults improve their mental health. She has a first hand look at trends developing in mental health and the types of tools and behaviors that can set kids and students up for success.

In Part 1, Lisa and I have a conversation about:

  • Mental Health Trends currently affecting kids and students
  • Daily habits in a kid or student's routine that can positively or negatively affect mental health
  • How to have weekly check-ins on things that contribute to mental health, like social media, to reveal personal mental health trends
  • Monthly activities that can impact self-worth and purpose
  • Things parents might unknowingly do that affect mental health


Tags: kids, students, podcast, mental health, counselor, interview