An Outward Sign of an Inward Decision

Saturday, September 12
In-person and Online

Interested in being baptized in the meantime? Click here and we'll reach out to you once our baptism celebration is finalized.

At The Ridge, we do what we can to support people on their faith journey -- even during a pandemic -- and sometimes that means we need to get creative with how to do that. We believe that just because we cannot meet together in-person, it doesn't mean that God ever stopped moving. We understand that baptism is a significant step in a person's faith journey, which is why we are excited to continue offering virtual baptism in addition to in-person options! 

You might be wondering, How is a virtual baptism possible? Is it legitimate? All we need from you is to know you have decided to be a follower of Jesus, for you to have a witness with you, and a body of water nearby. That can be a pool, a bathtub, hot tub, etc. During the Zoom call, our pastors will be on the other end and will speak the words of baptism over you.

In addition, you will need a towel and a pair of black shorts or leggings. We will provide the rest, including your own special I HAVE DECIDED t-shirt to wear during your baptism.

Baptism is a public expression of faith. Baptism does not make you a follower of Jesus. It is simply an obedient expression of your faith and commitment to Christ. Every example we see in the Bible demonstrates that a person first comes to believe in Jesus, and then he or she is  baptized as an expression of that belief.

Our church exists to help people find and follow Jesus. Baptism is a way of showing you’ve found Jesus and are deciding to follow Him for the rest of your life. We think that’s a pretty big deal.

If you made the decision to follow Jesus at any point in your life and have not yet been baptized, this is a great next step for you. 

Additional Information

You or someone you know may have questions before making this big decision. That's okay. For additional information, we recommend checking out our baptism FAQ guide, a helpful resource that explains the significance of baptism at a deeper level. There are also 7 great reasons you would want to be baptized as your next step:

  1. Obedience | Jesus said that you should be baptized when you trust your life to Him.
  2. You’re afraid | The fact that you’re afraid is actually a sign you should be baptized. Your biggest breakthroughs often come on the other side of your biggest fears.
  3. It will form a milestone in your life | In the same way graduation marks finishing school, marriage marks the beginning of a new relationship, so baptism marks the beginning of your new faith journey.
  4. Your prior baptism was as an infant or you completed confirmation classes | For those who were baptized as children or did confirmation classes, being baptized after your decision to follow Jesus is a way of marking your decision personally in the way he modeled it.
  5. Jesus will use your story | Yes, we will share your story on video and with photos. Why? When else will your story be heard by hundreds or even thousands of people? Jesus will use your story to impact the stories of others (whether you think it’s exciting or not:).
  6. Your family and friends will celebrate…and be impacted | When we baptize you during a weekend service, we encourage you to invite your friends and family to come with you. For many of them, this will be a rare trip to church. Who knows what Jesus will do in them as they watch what He has done in you?
  7. We’ll make it as easy as possible | It’s a big step, so let us take care of the details. On the day of, we’ll give you a t-shirt and have towels and toiletries available. We worry about the details so you don’t have to.

NOTE: The recommended minimum age for baptism is 10 years old or more. For more information on baptism in Ridge Kids, click here. Please know that by participating in this event, you may be included in photos or video that are used for promotion or celebration of baptism. 

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