Hot Topics Invite

Every Sunday, Thursday from 10/07/2021 to 11/07/2021

Location: The Ridge Community Church, 4500 S. 108th Street, Greenfield, WI US 53228

We asked you and your communities what taboo topics you wished the church would actually talk about, and we listened! But why are some subjects so taboo? After all, shouldn’t the church be the safest place for discussion and to wrestle with the uncomfortable? We think so. 

Join us October 7 & 10 for our new series, Hot Topics, where each week we’re talking about different questions our culture has and learning what the Bible says about them, what our filters should be, and how to approach these topics as followers of Jesus. 

What are the hot topics? You better bring a friend to service to find out! Because, let's face it: you know you want to know...

Ask a Hot Topic Question

Questions will be confidentially answered on the November 9 episode of The Ridge Community Church Podcast

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