The Abigail Way

Series: Flawed

The Abigail Way

May 12, 2019 | Mark Weigt

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Think about your favorite superhero. They didn’t start out that way. From their origin to their greatest victory, their story shows that in spite of their flaws, they became the hero we know them as.
The truth is, we all have flaws. For some of us, they come from mistakes made in the past that still haunt us, others it may be relational with our spouse or our kids, or it may be a personal hang-up that we carry around with us from insecurities that make us feel like we’re not enough. We think our flaws keep us from making a difference. What if God wants to take us, flaws and all, and turn us into heroes!
During our 6-week series called Flawed: The Making of a Hero, we’re looking at a real-life example of someone who was considered a hero because of their achievements but was still used in great ways in spite of their deep flaws. What we’re going to discover is how our story overlaps with theirs more than we realize.

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