Ridge Kids Baptism

Is your child ready to be baptized?

What is baptism?

Baptism is an expression of faith. Baptism does not make you a follower of Jesus, rather it’s an expression of your faith and commitment to Jesus.

Is your child ready?

Do you know when you child decided to ask Jesus into their heart? In Ridge Kids, we call this asking Jesus to be our forever friend. If your child can tell you about this decision, that’s a big step in being ready for baptism. If not, you can pray a simple prayer with them. Help them say they believe in Jesus and know He died for their sins. Accepting Jesus is the most important decision they will ever make!

When you are certain your child has accepted Jesus, the next step to take is baptism. This can happen at various ages. We suggest 10 years old, but your family’s decision will be honored.

Explain the importance of baptism

Remind your child of the story of Easter. Jesus was put to death on the cross and buried. Three days later, He rose again. This is what baptism symbolizes. Going under water illustrates Jesus’s death and then coming up out of water signifies Jesus’ resurrection.

 Read Romans 6:1-11 with your child. In this passage, Paul explains how baptism by immersion identifies a believer with death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. As Christians, we believe the Bible is God’s true word. So, if baptism is practiced in the Bible, we should do it too.

Celebrate this event

You can celebrate by taking a video of the moment they’re dunked, framing their baptism certificate and allowing your child to invite friends or family to see the moment.

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