MobilizeMKE is a movement of people helping our neighbors in tangible ways. Our goal is to live out the love and compassion of Jesus by bringing together local churches to make an impact in our communities.

These needs will continue to change and new challenges will arise, and we want to be there to serve when they do. Keep reading for more information.



Mobilize MKE Food Drive

Total Neighbors Fed | 135,000!

COVID-19 has caused a 35-50% spike in the number of people needing the services of food banks in Metro Milwaukee. This pandemic has also forced the cancellation of many food drives, multiplying the food crisis our neighbors are facing right now.

Your donations have served the following food pantries: New Berlin Food Pantry, Muskego Food Pantry, City of Greenfield, Jewish Community Pantry, Mt Lebanon. Zion Rock, City on a Hill, South Milwaukee Human Concerns, and the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

We hope this is just the start of MANY great mobilizations to come!


Ways You Can Mobilize

*We will provide all on-site volunteers with gloves for your safety. We do NOT have the ability to provide face masks. Please bring your own. We also suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

- Collect food donations
- Sort donated food
- Prepare ‘ready-to-go’ meals

Mobilization Donation Drop-Off Locations and Hours of Operation

Calvary Evangelical Free Church
Tuesday - Friday | 8a - 12 p
Mobilize at the single glass door (south side of the building where the parking lot is).

CrossPoint Church
Tuesday - Friday | 7a - 3p
Mobilize at the cart outside of the building.

Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 12 - 6:30p
Mobilize at the Learning Center door. Please ring the doorbell.

 Lakepoint Church
Monday & Thursday | 10a - 12p
Mobilize at the front door of the building.

The Ridge Community Church - Greenfield Campus
Monday – Friday | 2 - 8p
Saturday | 10a - 4p
Mobilize at the front door.

The Ridge Community Church - Oak Creek Campus
Monday – Friday | 2 - 8p
Saturday | 10a - 4p
Mobilize at the front door.

Southbrook Church
Monday - Saturday | 8a - 12p
Mobilize at door 2.

Victory of the Lamb
Monday - Saturday | 2 - 6p
Mobilize on the sidewalk at the front of the building.

Mobilization Donation Items

*Please try to purchase pull tab cans whenever possible so the neighbor receiving your donation does not need to own a can opener. 


Cereal, granola, pop tarts, powdered milk, pancake mix that can be prepared by only adding water, syrup, breakfast drinks, oatmeal.


Peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, canned meat (chicken, tuna, salmon), mac & cheese, mayo, soup, juice, canned pasta (ravioli or SpaghettiO's).


Dinner boxes (Hamburger Helper, etc.), dried beans, rice, cooking oil, boxed mashed potatoes, gravy, taco shells/tortillas, condiments, canned vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce, stews, canned chili.


Nuts, granola bars, chips, applesauce, cookies, jello, pudding, crackers.

Mobilize Your Money

 We commit to all donors that the funds given will be used to purchase food items in bulk from a local grocery partner and given to the local food bank partners mentioned on this site.

Mobilization Communication

You can help make a huge impact by helping us spread the word about the MobilizeMKE Food Drive. Print out fliers, sharing these graphics on your social media pages, and tell everyone why you want their help in serving their communities.

Mobilize Your Photos

We want to catch you in the act of mobilizing! Snap a selfie as you collect donations, shop, pack up, or do anything else with your food items, and send it to us. Then look for us to post your pics on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can also post the pics yourself and tag us, using #MobilizeMKE and we’ll repost your stuff.

*Please note, by submitting photos to Mobilize MKE’s email, you are agreeing to allow us to post those images publicly, in any responsible way we see fit.