Live Big 2017 | Change Makers

These six people/groups were awarded $1,000 each for the organizations they serve so faithfully all year long. We can’t thank them enough for being Change Makers in our community. We hope their passion for service inspires you to Live Big with us this season.

Here’s a bit more about each of our Change Makers:

 Jenna is a senior at Nathan Hale High School where she’s currently serving as president of the school’s Best Buddies program. Best Buddies is a national non-profit program that partners students with special needs with a fellow student “buddy” to increase relationships and inclusion in the community. The Live Big donation will support Best Buddies trips into the community, training for student leaders and more.

Charlie and Patti lost their son CJ to a heroin overdose in 2012. They’ve refused to let his life, or theirs, be defined by his addiction. They created a foundation in CJ’s honor and host a Family and Friends Support Group for those trying to support, but not enable, a loved one dealing with addiction. The Live Big donation will support recovery efforts.

 Craig, Amber and Charlie became involved with JRDF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a couple of years ago when Charlie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which currently has no cure. The family has worked tirelessly ever since to increase awareness and education, and to fundraise for a cure. The Live Big donation will support local JRDF programs.

 Julie (pictured at right) is a nurse who worries about people’s health all day long, but it was her own issues with obsessive compulsive disorder, specifically cleaning, that prompted her to join a local group of people creating a documentary called, Finding Your Fairytale. The project features 13 people who have overcome significant adversity and who now realize they don’t have to be perfect to live happily ever after. Julie is featured as Cinderella and the Live Big donation will help the team complete the nearly finished documentary.

 Claire has been involved in dance herself for years, so when she began serving as an instructor at the Super Kids Progressive Dance Program more than a year ago, it was a natural fit. She teaches students with special needs how to express themselves with dance. The Live Big donation will allow students to attend class when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford to participate.

These local nurses all attend our Oak Creek Campus. Who knew so many life savers were in one spot?! We’ve heard story after story of these change makers sacrificing themselves to better care for their patients and some of those patients have even been our own Ridge Kids, who have needed the extraordinary care provided at Children’s Hospital. The Live Big donation has been given to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and will be used in support of its nursing programs.


Are you ready to be a Change Maker and join us as we Live Big this season? CLICK HERE and let’s get to it!