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Welcome to The Ridge Leadership Resources page. We’re glad you’re here! We created this page to be a one-stop shop for everything you need to know when growing as a leader at The Ridge. Whenever possible we’ve tried to give you personalized reasons we like and recommend each resource.

This page will change often and it is not intended to be stagnant. We hope you won’t be either. At a recent leadership gathering Mark asked you, “Who’s your one?” The content here is meant to help you lead your one in the best way possible, and then, hopefully, to get them ready to lead and find their one as well. If you’ve found a great leadership tool we should know about, please send us a link, or a book title. We’d love to add it to our list.

Thanks for investing some of your time with us. We hope you find these resources useful!

Mission, Vision and Values
Leadership Ladder
6 Questions of a Coaching Conversation 

How to Replace Yourself
The 4 R's of Leadership at The Ridge 



Deep & Wide
For the staff of The Ridge, Deep & Wide is really our other bible. It is required reading for all staff each year and is packed full of wisdom on what it takes to lead a church that is attractive for people that don’t like to attend church. Be sure to check out chapters 3, 7-9, and 13!!

The Ridge is built on leadership and we know the only way to develop leaders is to get people involved. Exponential provides the framework we use to get people involved in various capacities around here. From greeting our guests, to leading Ridge Groups, it all starts with an all-important “ask” and this book is what taught us how to make that ask. Be sure to check out chapter 3 on being an Apprentice, and the Five Steps of Leadership development.



The Ridge staff watched this talk as a group. We really connected with the circles idea he shares and asking the question, why?

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action from TSC on Vimeo.

A Place for Everyone
Have you ever wondered why The Ridge does church the way we do? In this Video, based on some of the keys points from the book Deep & Wide, Pastor Andy Stanley summarizes why churches need to be places where anyone at anyplace in their spiritual journey are welcome. Our staff watched this together at a recent meeting and discussed it afterwards. We love this-


Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
Every month Pastor Andy Stanley (Author: Deep & Wide) shares a 20 minute leadership podcast. His topics are wide enough to include EVERYONE form CEO’s to national and world leaders to church leaders and people interested in leading. Whether you have the word “leader” in your official title or not, this is time well spent. Our staff regularly discusses the content every month. Stanley includes an archive of past topics that is a great resource on all sorts of leadership topics.


Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast
The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast is a conversation designed to help you make the most of your potential as you work to become the leader God created you to be. Craig Groeschel is a speaker, author, and the Senior Pastor of Life.Church, which is one of the largest multi site churches in the world and is known for its innovation including Church Online and the YouVersion Bible App. Our staff is excited to hear that Craig just launched this podcast and know that you will benefit from this content.
CraigGroeschel podcast


Dave Ramsey and his team are well known for their financial resources and helping people discover financial freedom by getting out of debt. Dave is not just a financial expert; he is also an incredible leader. In this podcast, he has conversations with some of the world’s most innovative leaders and equips listeners with skills on how to be entrepreneurial leaders.


Prayer Requests: to submit a prayer request to our Prayer Team.

Praying for Someone: If someone has asked you to pray for them, here are some tips we think can help.

Benevolence Request:  Please us this form.



First Impressions One Sheeter:  This sheet describes all of the teams that make up first impressions and what’s expected of each team member serving. This page is perfect for a coach to use while walking new team members through the process of joining a specific team.

First Impressions Team Descriptions: This doc describes each team member’s role, responsibilities, and expectations. These sheets are perfect for leaders to walk through with new team members while describing their new role.

Café Links: Leaders in the Café can use these documents and links to maintain and update the serving schedule, café checklists, and coffee maker instructions. This is a perfect link to bookmark if you lead and serve in the café!



Starting Well
Leading Groups
What to do when a couple needs marriage help
Replace Youreslf:  Guide to apprenticing
7 types of questions to ask in Group
How to end your group well

4 Strategies to Help Improve Attendance In Your Ridge Group

Group Agreement

Articles on Groups

Field Guide for Small Group Leaders: Setting the Tone, Accommodating Learning Styles and More

We like this book because it focuses in on the small group gathering as spiritual event. It's useful to new leaders and small group experts. This go-to guide helps leaders prepare themselves to prepare their groups for the adventure of a collective encounter with a great God.

Leading Small Groups in The Way of Jesus

Author Scott Boren has wrestled with the challenges of leading small groups for years, in the context of his own small-group ministries and in consultation with churches of every stripe. In this book he reminds us that any small group, no matter how it's organized, is at its heart a collection of people each walking in the way of Jesus. That means we are going somewhere—together—and that means we have a reliable guide.

If you are looking to learn more about Ridge Group Leadership regardless of how long you have been leading a group this is a great collection of articles from the top leaders on small groups.


Book Excerpt

This chapter from the book, "Exponential" is a great resource for reproducing artists in the church. This is a must for us as leaders in Arts to be constantly reproducing what we do!

Book: The air I Breathe Luoie Giglio

This is a great book by Louie Giglio on worship as a way of life.

Hillsong Creative

This blog discusses all things creative within the church. From worship leading to tech insights, there is plenty of info for each area of serving at The Ridge, and a lot of knowledge to be gained.

Worship Together

This site is a great resource for worship in general. 

Worship Band Tutorial 1

Worship Band Tutorial 2

These tutorial links provide insight into how a band works together to form a collective unit to provide the best possible engagement for people to worship. Each instrument is discussed and the roles that are played within a worship context.



Small Group Leadership: Some of our biggest impact comes when we are teaching small groups of children. No matter what the ages, you are the person the child will look forward to seeing each week. This article will help you be the best small group leader you can be.

What a Great Ridge Kids Team Member Looks Like: Want to go from good to great on Sundays in Ridge Kids? Read this article to find 8 steps that anyone can do to make their Sunday experience great and make it an amazing day for the kids they interact with.

Behind our Lessons: More than games and crafts, our lessons are meant to impact a child’s relationship with God. Read this short pamphlet to learn what is at the core of all the lessons we teach.

How to Lead When You're Not in Charge - Andy Stanley Podcast Part 1 and 2
Most of our Ridge Kids leaders find themselves in situations from time to time where they have to make quick decisions when they might not feel they are qualified to do so or they really wish there was a leader above them who could make the decision for them. These podcasts have great information on how you can lead even though you may not feel that you are completely in charge.

Vision is a team sport - Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Helping kids to find and follow God requires every member of the team to buy in. This podcast will give you some ideas on how to help every team member catch the vision.



Getting started with MyRidge
How to Add People to Your Group
How to Block Off Dates
How to Change Your Roster
How to email people in your group
How to report your group attendance
How to schedule your team
How to View Your Group's Contact Info



Restore and the Ridge
As a leader, this document will help reinforce what Restore is, how it fits in with the mission of the Ridge, and how you can continue to join us in our mission to help people find and follow God.

"5 mistakes that will destroy your churches effectiveness and what to do about it”
This is a great article about what we do and don’t want to do as a church that works to serve the community.

Video Clip
This short video is an example of an approach that empowers people. We want to get at the root systemic issues and not just treat symptoms.

Book: Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton
Bob Lupton is the founder and president of FCS Urban Ministries, a non-profit organization serving inner-city Atlanta. He is revolutionizing how churches and organizations help their communities with more holistic, sustainable efforts.
This book is a filter and guidebook for Restore so that we help rather than hurt our communities.

Also available for purchase on iTunes March 1st for $9.99 Producer and Director, Michael Matheson Miller, spent four years traveling to 20 countries to meet with those who give and those who receive humanitarian foreign aid. What he found is that the system, initiated after World War II, is broken. He conducted more than 150 interviews, some with non-governmental organizations that profit from the aid industry and some with recipients who feel trapped by their "humanitarian way of life."

From TOMs Shoes to foreign aid, the award-winning documentary film POVERTY, INC. examines the rise of charity as a multibillion dollar industry.



RSC Mission, Vision and Values
Small Group Leader Training
New Member Training Checklist

RSC New Team Member Description:
This is what we ask new Team Members to do in the first 90 days of serving in RSC.

RSC Roles and Descriptions
     • RSC Service Programmer Director
     • RSC Area Director
     • RSC Coach
     • RSC Leader

RSC: 6 Types of Students
     1.  No Way Kids
     2.  Not Interested Kid
     3.  Checking Things Out Kid
     4.  Whatever Kid
     5.  Growing Kid
     6.  Looking for Ministry Kid

RSC Books:
Connect:  Real Relationships in a World of Isolation

This book helps leaders and adults find ways to connect with students and help them take steps with God. This is great because it provides practical, up to date, tips on how to care for students and help them open up.

Lead Small:  Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know
This book is for anyone who serves in a small group of students or kids. Lead Small gives you five portable ideas that help you make the most out of your group time and helping your students find and follow God!

RSC: Parent Tools
These are some great resources to share with the parents of students we lead.

Parent Tech Guide
This site describes popular apps that students are using as well as tips on how to establish healthy guidelines for students and their tech.


The Parent Pack of Awesomeness
This five pack of books is perfect for parents of teenagers. Each book is a short read and can be purchased together or individually. Topics include understanding your teenager, social media, and sex and dating.

Message Series

Future Family
This message series from Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church is great for parents of kids any age!

4 Characteristics of the Best Leaders

This short blog post from Justin Knowles (Family Pastor at Christ Church of the Valley in California) highlights 4 great characteristics of those who serve with students.