Leadership At The Ridge

Leadership is a high calling. At The Ridge Community Church, we make leadership development a priority because leaders leading well is crucial to achieve our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus. 
Here, you will find tools to explore leadership and grow as a leader. If you are reading this right now, you are either curious about leadership, or you are one of our vetted leaders looking for additional development. In either case, YOU are a valuable part of our team and we are very grateful for you!


Development Strategy

Our leadership development strategy has three parts: we invite leaders to EXPLORE leadership through apprenticing, we EQUIP our leaders through coaching using our library of resources, and we ENCOURAGE our leaders at leadership gatherings throughout the year. 

Pipeline Structure

Our leadership pipeline has four levels:
     - A Team Lead leads Team Members
          - A Coach leads Team Leads
               - A Lead Coach leads Coaches
                     - A Director leads an entire Ministry. 

Apprenticeship MODULES

Team Lead - Leader of team
Coach - Leader of team leads

Lead coach - leader of coaches

              Coming Soon!

Director - Leader of ministry 

              Coming Soon!


Additional Resources


6 Questions of a Coaching Conversation
The 4 R's of Leadership at The Ridge


Deep & Wide
For the staff of The Ridge, Deep & Wide is really our other bible. It is required reading for all staff each year and is packed full of wisdom on what it takes to lead a church that is attractive for people that don’t like to attend church. Be sure to check out chapters 3, 7-9, and 13!!

The Ridge is built on leadership and we know the only way to develop leaders is to get people involved. Exponential provides the framework we use to get people involved in various capacities around here. From greeting our guests, to leading Ridge Groups, it all starts with an all-important “ask” and this book is what taught us how to make that ask. Be sure to check out chapter 3 on being an Apprentice, and the Five Steps of Leadership development. 


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