Our Team

Profile image of Mark Weigt

Mark Weigt

Lead Pastor


Mark's primary responsibilities are to teach at our weekend services and lead the church directionally in a way that more people find and follow Jesus.

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Jason VanderPal

Executive Pastor


Jason’s role at The Ridge includes leading and developing the staff, master planning and implementing our growth strategies, and overseeing all our day-to-day operations.

Profile image of Joe McFadden

Joe McFadden

Director of Engagement


Joe’s primary responsibility is to help people take next steps with God through connecting in community. He also serves at our Online Campus Pastor where he helps ensure that anyone attending service online has a good experience. He also helps them take steps to find and follow Jesus.

Profile image of Kyle Zehr

Kyle Zehr

Creative Arts Director


In addition to leading and overseeing the worship/music at The Ridge, Kyle oversees all of the arts teams and focuses on equipping artists and volunteers to creatively communicate God's story for our weekend experiences.

Profile image of Tyler Volkers

Tyler Volkers

Director of Family Ministries


Tyler’s primary role is to develop and strengthen the faith of kids and students, and equip parents to be spiritual leaders at home. Tyler is also a member of our teaching team.

Profile image of Jodi Tonarelli

Jodi Tonarelli

Communications Director


Jodi ensures the clear and effective communication of The Ridge's mission, vision and values in all we do. Media members can reach her via email or her mobile phone: (262) 751-7792.

Profile image of Sadie Baile

Sadie Baile

Weekend Services & Restore Director


Sadie’s role is to oversee the programming of our weekend services making sure we create an environment where people can easily connect with God. She also oversees all of The Ridge’s local and global missions and community relationships providing our people opportunities to serve around town and around the world. 

Profile image of Colleen Kraker

Colleen Kraker

Ridge Kids Early Childhood Coordinator


Colleen ensures our little ones have a great experience as they start to learn about God for the first time. She also works closely with families as their kids transition through the stages of early childhood.

Profile image of Marcia TeRonde

Marcia TeRonde

Family Ministry Support


Marcia handles all administrative duties for our student areas to help create successful and meaningful experiences.

Profile image of Sue Acker

Sue Acker

Ridge Group & Connections Administrative Assistant


Sue assists in the administrative tasks of Ridge Groups and helps people get connected and take next steps with God through community.

Profile image of Matt Hill

Matt Hill

Tech/Video Coordinator


Matt oversees the day to day tech operations of The Ridge. He also oversees much of the sound and video processes that happen routinely to help make great weekend experiences.

Profile image of Dave  Dodge

Dave Dodge

Building and Grounds Supervisor


Dave makes sure that our facility looks great and is taken care of to help create a clean and inviting environment.

Profile image of Sue Raap

Sue Raap

Building and Grounds Tech


Sue assists in the regular cleaning and maintenance needed to keep our facility looking great.

Profile image of Forrest Anderson

Forrest Anderson

Campus Pastor - Oak Creek


Forrest will serve as our key leader of our campus in Oak Creek where he will serve as the “face of the place.” His role will be to ensure our guests have a great experience and to help them get plugged into Ridge Groups and onto a serving team. In addition, Forrest also oversees our First Impressions Ministry.

Profile image of Caleb Rogers

Caleb Rogers

Campus Arts Director - Oak Creek


Caleb will oversee the arts team and focus on equipping artists and team members to creatively communicate God's story for our weekend experiences at the Oak Creek Campus. In addition, Caleb serves as our webmaster and creates a large portion of our graphics work.

Profile image of Craig  Krueger

Craig Krueger

Production Coordinator


In addition to leading our Producing team at The Ridge, Craig oversees many areas of production and tech teams to help assist in creating environments that inspire people at our weekend experiences.

Profile image of Dr. Don Robins

Dr. Don Robins

Office: 414-617-4783


Dr. Don Robins
Don is passionate about helping people make lasting heart change through Biblical Pastoral Counseling. If you are looking for a Christian-based counselor, The Ridge recommends Dr. Don. He has office hours at The Ridge each Wednesday.
Profile image of Kevin  Rhode

Kevin Rhode

RSC Leadership Resident


Kevin is learning to develop leaders who will build spiritual relationships with students. He focuses on our middle school environment while executing student gatherings, teaching in RSC, and helping students take next steps with God.

Profile image of Shelby Bierwagen

Shelby Bierwagen

Ridge Kids Director – Oak Creek


Shelby oversees the leaders and teams that provide our Ridge Kids experience at our Oak Creek Campus (opening this fall). This includes both curriculum and activities for kids, ages birth through 5th grade.

Profile image of Alison Henkel

Alison Henkel

Restore Administrative Assistant


Alison supports all Restore related events including: A Night to Remember Prom, Live Big, international mission trips and any other justice/compassion events and partnerships.

Profile image of Mike Schachtner

Mike Schachtner

Engagement Leadership Resident


Mike oversees our short-term groups, works alongside our Celebrate Recovery team, and helps create the resources and devotional content we provide to Ridge attenders.

Profile image of Wendy Luedtke

Wendy Luedtke

Ridge Kids Support


Wendy serves on our Ridge Kids team and helps facilitate all things necessary to produce the experience our Ridge Kids have during service. She also helps welcome our new families and Ridge Kids team members.

Profile image of Victor Vilar

Victor Vilar

Ridge Kids Director – Greenfield


Victor oversees the leaders and teams that provide our Ridge Kids experience at our Greenfield Campus. This includes both curriculum and activities for kids, ages birth through 5th grade.

Profile image of Mark Lewandowski

Mark Lewandowski

First Impressions Intern


Mark is learning what it takes to lead our First Impression ministry. This includes all our guest services and our connection processes – or as we like to say, “From the street to the seat and back out again.”

Blake Akers


Donnie Walls

Childcare Coordinator


Donnie leads and oversees our Paid Childcare Team as they provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children during special events and some groups at The Ridge.

Olivia Marks