Greenfield Campus: Wednesday, January 24 | 6-8p
Oak Creek Campus: Wednesday, January 31 | 6-8p
*Dinner and Childcare provided.

We think life is better together. One of the best ways we can do life together is by joining a Ridge Group. These are small gatherings of people that meet in homes or at The Ridge once a week. We talk about the messages we hear at service, life in general, and some groups even cover specific topics that relate to a season of life.

 Grouplink is your chance to test drive a bunch of groups all at once and find one that feels right.

 Just show up, we’ll take care of the rest.





New to Grouplink? Check out these FAQs:

Do I need to register for Grouplink?
Please do! Registration is highly encouraged because we use this information to help you meet people with similar group preferences. If you make a last-minute decision to attend, please know you’re welcome. We will be glad to assist you.
Sign-up here for Greenfield 
Sign-up here for Oak Creek 


If I have registered for Grouplink, does that mean I have joined a group?
No. We use your registration information to give you an initial connection point to people you could potentially form a group with at Grouplink. Only you can decide if a group works for you logistically. Grouplink provides an opportunity to meet others and decide which group you would like to join.


What happens at Grouplink?
Everyone starts the evening with an initial connection point—a group of other people looking for the same type of group. When you arrive, your first step is to meet the people at your initial connection point and decide if this group is a good start. If the logistics of this connection group work for you, you've joined a group. If it’s not a good fit, volunteers will help you find a different group.


What is the difference between Grouplink and a Community Group?
Grouplink is a two-hour event you attend to join a Community Group. A Community Group meets weekly. For more information on other types of groups, visit our Groups Page.


What if I can’t attend Grouplink?
Fill out this form for Greenfield or this form for Oak Creek to let us know you can’t make it, and we’ll email you with instructions about joining an open group.


Is childcare provided?
Yes! Childcare will be provided at both Greenfield and Oak Creek campuses during Grouplink.


Have Additional Questions about Grouplink? Email us: