We believe God wires everyone differently. No matter what gifts He’s given you, you can use them to have an impact on what God is doing here at The Ridge. The local church moves forward when you step forward and start serving on a team!

Once you sign-up to join a team, you should expect to meet new people, be trained on any specifics you need to know for your role, and be empowered and trusted to do what only you can do here. And don’t be surprised if you develop some great friendships along the way.

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Compassion is the Ridge outside of the four walls of our building as we take tangible action to serve the Greater Milwaukee Area and our world. 

We believe in being boots on the ground because serving people in the name of Jesus is not a one and done project. It’s sometimes messy. It's sometimes tough. It takes time. But it’s always worth it. And it’s real because real love works.

All are welcome, exactly as you are and where you are, to help us change the world as we follow Jesus. Join us.


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