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Great football teams become institutions; they create legacies and set out each season with the final goal of winning it all. Each year sports fans watch epic battles between champions as teams strive to take home the prized Lombardi Trophy. God intended the church to be a team too. The difference though, is that you don’t have to stand on the sidelines as a fan, in fact, you’re called to be on the field as we try to win together.

Serving on a team is also a great way to connect with others at The Ridge as well as help people find and follow God.

We want you to have a great experience on your team. Please take five minutes and complete this serving application, which will help you determine the best team for you.

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Restore is the Ridge outside of the four walls of our building as we take tangible action to serve the Greater Milwaukee Area and our world. 

We believe in being boots on the ground because serving people in the name of Jesus is not a one and done project. It’s sometimes messy. It's sometimes tough. It takes time. But it’s always worth it. And it’s real... because real love works.

All are welcome, exactly as you are and where you are, to help us change the world as we follow Jesus. Join us.

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