Weapons of Self-Destruction

    07.07.19 | Resources


    Letting Go Of Pride (4 Days)
    We live in a world that categorizes people. And if we’re honest, we have this inner desire to be associated with the winners, the successful, the up and coming. How do we reconcile this with who Christ calls us to be? In this 4-day reading plan, Pete Briscoe shares with us what the bible says about treating people differently based on how you “categorize” them and asks you to examine your heart. Are you more focused on elevating your standing or concerned with loving people through the eyes of Jesus? 

    Pride: Changing Angels Into Devils (3 Days)
    Saint Augustine said, "It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels." The theme of these guided audio meditations is pride. Day one is affirming your dignity in Christ. Day two is belief in God’s guidance even when you can’t see your whole path. And day three is glory. Setting aside your selfish pride to give glory reserved for God and him alone.

    What The Bible Says About Hypocrisy
    Explore 15 different Bible verses on hypocrisy.

    Sinful Roots In The Heart (12 Days)
    Ever wonder what’s going on inside your head? Do you ever have vague feelings of guilt or wonder why you do the things you do? Use this 12-day reading plan to help identify Sinful Roots in your heart. Learn to acknowledge your sin, calling it what God calls it, so you can confess it to Him and then walk by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Soul Detox (5 Weeks)
    We are not a body with a soul. We are a soul with a body. While the world rightly teaches us to detox our bodies, sometimes we need to detox our soul. This 35-day plan will help you identify what's chipping away at your soul, and what's getting in the way of you becoming the person who God created you to be. You will learn from God's Word how you can neutralize these damaging influences and embrace clean living for your soul.


    All Christians Are Hypocrites (article)
    This article looks at the ways that the church reinforces or even rewards hypocrisy—and why non-believers often get so giddy when it’s exposed. When we stand at the intersection of these points, we’ll benefit from a less fraudulent faith.

    How to Stop Being a Hypocritical Christian (article)
    Jesus often called people hypocrites, demonstrating just how common hypocrisy really is. And it’s far from a thing of the past. Hypocrisy is still rampant: religious people, politicians, people you pass on the street — the list goes on. Our society is full of extreme double standards. So what exactly is a hypocrite?

    Yes You're a Hypocrite (And Here's How to Handle It) (article)
    We’ve all heard people say that Christians are hypocrites, and if you’re like me, it’s probably stung a bit to hear that. It’s not pretty, but it’s reality. We know that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, so it’s no surprise that we mess up, get it wrong, and totally fail at this whole faith thing.

    Why Are Christians So Hypocritical? (article)
    Christians are notorious for being hypocritical. Why is that? 

    Seven Subtle Symptoms of Pride (article)
    As seriously dangerous as pride is, it’s equally hard to spot. When it comes to diagnosing our hearts, those of us who have the disease of pride have a challenging time identifying our sickness. Pride infects our eyesight, causing us to view ourselves through a lens that colors and distorts reality. Pride will paint even our ugliness in sin as beautiful and commendable.

    The Dangers of Pride (article)
    In English, the word ‘pride’ can have a good sense. For example, we would not say it is wrong for a person to be proud of their children, or to take pride in their work. However, when the Bible talks about pride it means something different from this and has very negative connotations.