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    Together: Preventive Growth

    Some times we do things or purchase things, not realizing how much they will benefit us down the road … think car insurance, flossing your teeth, weeding in the yard or working out. When life happens, as it typically will, the benefits of these things become vividly apparent. This week we’ll talk about a step we can take NOW that will prepare us for some important things we might need LATER.


    5 Reasons a Community Group Will Help You Grow


    The Power of Together By Jim Putman

    None of us is lovable all of the time. People are unreasonable, arguments flare, feelings are hurt. It's easy to fall into the trap of closing ourselves off in order to protect ourselves, rather than opening ourselves up for relationship with each other. But think of who Jesus invited into his life and ministry. They weren't always lovable. Yet he modeled perfect love for us and showed how the mark of a spiritually mature believer was always love.

    In The Power of Together, pastor and author Jim Putman uncovers the core of true discipleship with an in-depth, biblical look at how Jesus always invited people into relationship with himself. He loved them with God's perfect love and, in the process, showed everyone around him that the act of following God is the act of extending and receiving love that endures all things.

    Reading Plan:

    Small Groups, Huge Growth (7 Days)

    Churches call them small groups, cell groups, and Life Groups. Names aside, they exist to create meaningful relationships among people who follow Jesus. But why? Are these the people we navigate our mostly comfortable Christian lives with, or is there something more? This Bible plan is for anyone who thinks God can use their small group to cause massive growth.

    Video Series:

    Providential Relationships By Andy Stanley

    If you are like most people, you can't tell your life story without referencing people who played significant roles along the way. The same is true of your faith story. In this third installment of Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith, Andy explains the role that providential relationships play in the development of our faith.

    Living Life Together By Shauna Niequist

    There are messy parts in all of our lives that we would rather not reveal—like strained relationships, sinking finances, and cluttered living rooms. We keep the doors of our hearts and homes closed for fear of being exposed. But what if we invited others in and experienced the beautiful acceptance and deep connection of Christian community? As you learn the benefits of living an authentic life with others in Christ and watch real-life stories of women who have experienced freedom in meaningful community, you will discover why God designed and delights in relationships. 


    The best way to gain a deeper understanding about the value of community is to try it out for yourself. Come to GroupLink! If you can’t make it, use the Ridge Group Interest form and our team will help you get connected.

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