Reel Christmas Resources

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, until it's not. This series explores the hurts, loneliness and pain that can sometimes come with Christmas. We'll use movies and scripture to find the reel REAL meaning in the season.


    Divorce Care - "Surviving the Holidays"

    The Ridge is hosting a Divorce Care “Surviving the Holidays” workshop December 17th, 6-8pm. This workshop is a great and free Holiday Survival Guide full of helpful strategies for dealing with the holidays and even how to help your kids do it too. We also offer a companion program for children at the same time. Details and sign-up here.

    Reading Plan: "Hope Is" Youversion 14 day reading plan

    Article: "How to Survive the Holidays Without Losing Your Mind"

    Book: "Life's Healing Choices"
    Available at our Resource Center or Online HERE.