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    You lie there wide-awake at night, and you can’t get to sleep. Doesn’t matter what you try. It doesn’t matter what you do. Nothing seems to help. Over the next few weeks we’re going to identify the root cause of our insomnia and learn together what we need to do to sleep better.


    Sometimes it's hard to remember that God’s in control. This reading plan is designed to help reassure you in times of uncertainty. (7-Day Plan)

    We all have fears and worries. But if we let them consume us and control us, they can keep us from fully being who God has made us to be. If you have worry, anxiety, or fear that you need to overcome, then this plan is for you. (6-Day Plan)

    What are you afraid of? God has spoken over and over again to fearful people. His angels repeatedly say, "Don’t be afraid." This reading plan contains pairs of devotions. The first devotion in the pair voices a fear many of us may have. The second devotion contains God's words of reassurance and comfort. (31-Day Plan)

    In our culture, few things are held as precious as the value of human life. But far more important is the soul. Eventually, everyone dies but we can find hope and peace in the Word of God with the knowledge that our real home is in heaven. (7-Day Plan)

    Faith says, “I can do all things.” Fear says, “What will they think of me?” Faith and fear are opposites. These devotionals take you inside the stories of modern-day and biblical heroes who chose to fear God instead of people. (5-Day Plan)





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