Easter & Good Friday 2019 Resources

    04.21.19 | Resources


    Was Jesus murdered? Was He the victim of a plot? Who is responsible for the death of Jesus? How can the death of Jesus be called Good Friday? And if it is good, then should we mourn or celebrate? Find answers to these questions in this 7-day reading plan. 

    We all have perspectives. Our perspectives depend on where we are at the moment. The 7 utterances of Jesus are 7 perspectives from the angle of the cross. Each of Jesus’ words summarize the purpose of his life and its implication on our life. This is an 8-day devotional that takes you through the 7 utterances of Jesus from the cross, one utterance a day. We end on the 8th day reflecting on Easter.


    Is Easter an outdated religious holiday, or is it something more? Why is Jesus’ death such a big deal? 

    What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus?

    Does Jesus match your definition of a hero? Heroes save people—does Jesus? 


    This book is a collection of meditations about various persons standing near or at the Cross of Jesus on Good Friday listening to His Seven Last Words.

    Why did Jesus have to die? Millions of people believe that Jesus died so that God could forgive them, but why? Why would God need an innocent man to die to forgive us? Isn't it an injustice for God to punish an innocent man for the crimes of another? Why couldn't he simply forgive us without Jesus dying, just as we forgive one another without exacting some form of punishment? How does this all make sense? This book takes a fresh look at the information.